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Let’s meet the Ethno-Look

Blog,Fashion/June 8, 2017

The Ethno-Look is a globetrotter, a freethinker who is always in search of something new, something inspiring. His colorful spirit is characterized by the cultures of Africa, Asia, India and China. Geometrical pattern from African cultures meet the soft colors of the orient and smooth fabric from China. They come together to a perfect match, which is able to satisfy even the greatest wanderlust.


That’s why we love the Ethno-Look for so long now. He fits in every lifetime situation and makes your outfit to an eyecatcher. He is the perfect companion for everyone who wants to shine out and reflect the love for life. The muted colors prevent from a too gaudy look. For those who do not want to dress that colorful the Ethno-look can be mixed with earth tones and simply be implemented as eyecatcher.

All in all, we all agree that the Ethno-look is quite rightly In and whenever the wanderlust gets you– he is here for you.